massage for relaxation

A slow, relaxing massage can provide many health benefits to create the perfect condtions for the body and mind to heal on many levels.  


Physiologically, deep relaxation via massage can help support the nervous system, which drives  our stress responses.  Many people managing high stress levels use regular massage to help calm the nervous system - this can aid with rebalancing adrenal functioning and muscle tone to encourage such things as better as better sleep, reducing chronic pain and embarking on a positive path of self care


Emotionally, massage can provide you with a caring, non-intrusive  hands-on approach you may wish to seek in a safe, professional manner. Unlocking physical tension can help us unlock emotional trauma and negativity that we may have been unconsciously holding on to.


Eleanor uses her listening skills, her trained hands and wide range of contacts within the therapy profession to ensure that you are holistically cared for through periods of transition and the process of growth.


What to expect:

Safe & relaxed environment, consultation,  massage

soothe your muscles & your mind