massage for injuries

If you are looking to manage long-term pain, a recent injury or a medical condition, most musculoskeletal problems tend to result from:


Poor prolonged posture

Faulty body mechanics

Stressful living and poor working habits

Loss of strength and flexibility


These factors can all have a major influence on the physical state of our soft tissues, particularly in relation to our daily activities.


Eleanor will use her massage skills and advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology to influence your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments to effectively ease pain, restore normal movement, helping you recover with understanding and confidence.


Providing a tailored home care guidance through specific exercises and lifestyle advice to help prevent future issues from re-occurring is all part of a remedial massage package.


Using intuitive touch and astute listening, Eleanor will use techniques such as deep tissue work, trigger point release, gentle mobilisation & stretches that she has learnt on her journey with massage and yoga.


What to expect:

Consultation, postural assessment, massage, aftercare advice