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Eleanor started practicing Ashtanga yoga in 2009 and valued the resulting sense of empowerment and calm so much, that she decided to partake in a teacher training course in India in 2011. For seven years Eleanor has been teaching full-time and has trained with some of the world’s most esteemed yoga teachers.



Based in Bristol as a full-time yoga  teacher, with further training completed for Anatomy and Physiology, Sports & Remedial Massage and multiple Vipassana Meditation courses under her belt, Eleanor’s enthusiasm to delve deep into the body and mind always will offer inspiration whilst helping you help yourself to move with more ease through life.



Teacher Training Completions (All recognised by Yoga Alliance UK)

300hr Ashtanga and  Vinyasa Krama (Matthew  Sweeney, Bali, 2018)

100hr Yin Yoga (Paul and Suzee  Grilley, UK, 2013)

200hr Hatha Yoga (Vijay  Amar, India, 2012)

200hr Ashtanga Yoga (Vijay  Amar, India, 2011)

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